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Greetings from INSTED!


Welcome on board the Indian Society of Teledermatology (INSTED). Through our family of INSTED, we plan to contribute outstanding clinical insight with patient-friendly services and advanced technology to the dermatologists’ office to help people achieve optimal skin health.


It is estimated that India is the cradle of e-health in Asia. That certainly gives us the edge to form the INSTED and enhance skin heath globally, to make Teledermatology help in the following three ways:

      To the patient, it is almost a home-delivery of health care
      To the referring doctor, it is empowerment of his service
      To the organization, it is efficiency-improvement.

Do take a tour of this site for more information on INSTED. We look forward to your support at all times.


Thank you for your interest in INSTED.



Inauguration of CME on World Psoriasis Day






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